010: Jacqlyn Garneau: MLB wife, unexplained infertility, IVF, twins, surprise pregnancy, postpartum depression, cancer survivor

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear a conversation with MLB wife Jacqlyn Garneau and host Katie Roberts as Jacqlyn tells her incredible story of grit and determination. Jacqlyn talks about marriage as well as her struggle with infertility, her journey through IVF which lead her to having twins, and the surprise pregnancy that happened all on its own 4 months after she gave birth to her twins.

Later in the conversation she talks about her struggle as her husband was in different states playing baseball, and what that looked like dealing with postpartum depression and yet another shock: thyroid cancer.

She’s real and honest, and has a heart to see women talk about their struggles and not stay hidden.

To follow her journey you can find her here:

INSTAGRAM:  www.instagram.com/jacqlyn_nicole