012: Paris Hollenbaugh: Part 1: Fighting battles no one knew about: drug addiction in her family, unexpected pregnancy, and abortion

This week’s episode is the first part of Paris Hollenbaugh’s conversation with host Katie Roberts. Paris grew up in a typical small town where life was carefree and fun. However, things took a turn when she entered her early 20’s. She talks about navigating and dealing with the drug addiction of a close family member, and the serious effects it had on her. Ultimately, it was the thing that pushed her to move away from her small town, and on her own to find herself again.

In the first weekend after she moved, she got pregnant. She opens up about the moments of shame and disbelief that came along with her unexpected pregnancy and dealing with it all alone in a new city.

At the end of this episode (part one) she begins talking about her abortion.


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