017: Camille Winkler: Part 1: Unwavering strength and faith through the darkest season both on and off the field

In this episode I have a conversation with my good friend, Camille Winkler. If you have ever watched a Major League Baseball game, you might not think about the people or women in the stands related to each player on the field. After a long journey of rehab, Camille’s husband, Atlanta Braves pitcher, Daniel Winkler finally made it back. Just when they thought things were on the way up, tragedy hit. If you want to see the game that she is re-living on this episode, feel free to google Atlanta Braves’ Daniel Winkler breaks elbow. She tells the details through her perspective of that day, and then begins to tell the heart wrenching story of not only the professional challenges they faced as a couple, but the personal ones– including the sickness of their unborn baby.