027: Jessica Felice: Making the decision, at just 15 years old, to place her baby for adoption

In this episode, I talk to a friend I’ve known since high school!

You know, for me it’s always very special to have a friend come on and have a conversation, but this episode really resonated with me in a way I haven’t experienced before on the podcast.

Jessica gave birth to a beautiful baby girl when she was just 15 years old, and made the courageous decision to place her for adoption. The thing that really makes this episode so special to me, is that she was walking through one of the craziest seasons of her life at that time, and I literally had no idea. If I could just say one thing before you tune into this conversation, it would be to start to show the people around you a little more grace. You never know the demons people are fighting, the battles they are facing, or the war that’s waging within them. 

To follow her journey you can find her here:

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/jessicajfelice