what a miracle

In my last post, I mentioned that Naudia was able to meet her biological mom when she was about 5 months old. People have been asking to hear the story, so I wanted to hop on here and post about it.
It’s literally one of the most special stories of this whole process.
In an effort to keep this post on topic, I’m going to just dive right in.

Naudia’s mom had a court hearing set in June, before I was supposed to deliver Jude.
She never showed up for visits, and she never showed up to court hearings.
We took Naudia to every court hearing, not only so we could know what was going on, but also so that if Naudia’s mom ever did show up, she would get to meet her, hold her, and so it would hopefully spark a desire to get back on track. However, most of the time, no one, including her mom’s attorney (provided by the state) ever knew where she was even living.
Talk about heart breaking.
I think about Naudia’s bio mom often.
Where is she? Is she okay? Does she have food? Water? Shelter?
My heart breaks for her reality, but in the same thought, I’m so thankful that Naudia is with us.
Anyways, this particular court hearing was the one that determined if Naudia’s case plan would stay “reunification” (the plan that means they are actively trying to get Naudia back with her mom), or if it would change to “severance and adoption” (the plan that means mom’s rights to Naudia would be severed and we would get to adopt).
It was a big court hearing to say the least.
At this point I was 36 or 37 weeks pregnant.
We got a call from the case worker saying that the court hearing had been rescheduled (for no apparent reason), and it was now going to be on a date in July.
Instantly I felt in my heart that there was a reason that this crucial court hearing got rescheduled to after Jude was born.

July came around, and the court hearing drew near.
My heart was heavy, but I had full peace.
We had decided that Ken would just take Naudia to the court hearing, and that I would stay back with Jude.
As Ken drove there, I knew in my heart something was different.

I text Ken, “This sounds absolutely crazy, but I feel like Naudia’s mom is going to show up, and God knew that my heart couldn’t handle it so that’s why this whole thing got rescheduled to a time where I couldn’t go.”
He replied, “There’s no way she shows up. She probably doesn’t even know about the court hearing.”

In all reality, his thoughts made way more sense than mine.
She hadn’t shown up for 5 months to a single thing.
No visits, no court hearings, and she wasn’t partaking in any of the services that the state was offering her in order to help her get back on track to getting her child back.
The hearing was running really late, and Ken was waiting in the area outside the court rooms like usual. I think we were talking about why it could be running so behind.
All of a sudden, Ken texts me–
“Her mom just walked in.”
My heart stopped.
As Ken continued to describe her– her demeanor, her attire… I began to weep.
I was weeping because as he so briefly described her, I could almost feel her shame seep down on me, and I felt an empathy like I’ve never felt before.
I began to pray for her. For Ken. For Naudia.
I prayed that through all of this, God would reveal Himself to us all in an even bigger way than I could imagine.
I began to prepare my heart, but I didn’t know for what, so all I could pray is that I would trust in whatever plan God had in mind, and that His peace would carry me.
It was time for the hearing.
I made Ken call me and leave his phone out so I could try and hear how it went as best as possible.
I heard very little, but at the end, I heard a woman ask if mom could hold Naudia.
Ken said something like, yeah absolutely, and then the phone hung up.
I couldn’t stop crying, as I have my brand new bio baby in my arms, and my precious, almost adopted baby, in the arms of her biological mom at a courthouse in the same exact moment.
It was surreal for me to picture, but the maternal emotion of it was so powerful.
Her mom asked to get a picture with Naudia, and the only thing she wanted to know from Ken was if she was healthy.
She told Ken that when she gave birth to Naudia, the doctor told her he didn’t think the baby would make it. After a while, the doctor came back in and said, I don’t know how, but that little girl is perfectly healthy.
Ken assured her that she was still perfectly healthy in every way, physically and developmentally.
And she is.
You see, when I got the call to take Naudia into our home, the case worker told me that Naudia’s mom had meth and alcohol in her system when she gave birth to her.
We found out later, that Naudia tested negative for meth, even though her mom tested positive.
In fact, a couple months before we adopted her, we found out that her mom had admitted to using meth and heroin at least every day of her third trimester with Naudia.
What a miracle.
After all of this, I am instantly reminded of my journal, which held prayers from every day prior to receiving Naudia. I prayed and asked God to protect the sweet babe he was about to place with us, and prayed that He would protect them from all drug or alcohol exposure.
And He did.
When Ken got home, he walked in with Naudia and a bag of donuts.
What a great husband to know those things were exactly what I needed after such an amazing, yet emotionally exhausting morning.