Whether it was leaving my little coffee shop job in high school when the owner of a company rolled through my drive through, or giving up my dream job out of college to travel with my husband in our first year of marriage, I always knew that staying in the “comfortable” only produced glass ceilings.

My desire is to SHATTER those ceilings, and to teach my three daughters to do the same.

Fast-forward 5 years, and you’ll see that same principle being applied to my life.
People told my husband and I we were crazy for choosing to be done living the baseball life, and in a matter of months, those same people told us we were crazy for being pregnant and still choosing to take in a foster baby.
Because, the thing is, when the uncomfortable knocks, I ALWAYS find a reason to answer.

You see, not only do I believe that you should eat green beans straight out of the can
(literally my fave…it really is the best way to eat them)…

I truly believe that no one was meant to live a mundane life. Furthermore, I believe we are constantly being called out of the comfortable and into the uncomfortable, and THAT’S where the magic happens!

For me, life started out VERY conventional in a small town in Eastern Washington. However, because I’ve always said yes to risk and adventure, my life has been anything BUT the norm. From living out of hotels all across America as we traveled in the MLB life, to settling into Scottsdale, Arizona, starting a business, and raising our THREE baby girls all under 2 years old: (Adopted, Biological, Foster), life has been SO. FULL.
I LOVE my life, and I want to teach and inspire others to love theirs too. To live in the present, yet soar into the unknown places full of courage.

I started The Purposed Platform in order to breathe LIFE into every female.

Life is messy, life is hard, and relationships can be tricky, but one thing I know is that greatness in ALL of those things IS attainable and IS worth fighting for.
So, are ya ready?

Come; explore with me the beauty of women telling their stories, from an honest approach, with the purpose to inspire.

What’s your story?

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