fostering + pregnancy

It took what seemed like an eternity for us to become licensed foster parents.

The process really only took about 6 months, which is the normal time they tell you it will take, but it all felt so slow to move.

Little did we know back then, the journey God had for us to embark on.

About 3/4 of the way through getting licensed, we got the sweet surprise (truly, it was a big surprise) of pregnancy!

We found out we were pregnant back in the beginning of October.. October 9th to be exact… yet we still felt the incredible burden on our hearts and the call to foster.

I kid you not, the week before we found out, the woman interviewing us (as I mentioned before in my previous blog post about us fostering, we went through quite extensive interviews) told us that if we were to get pregnant, that their agency does not and will not license us to become foster parents, and that we would have to wait.

The reason is a good one, and we see their point… they wanted us to experience our “first child” and be able to enjoy every moment of a first pregnancy, good or bad, and not have to feel a burden of fostering a child on top of all of that.

We both looked at her in 100% confidence and told her she had absolutely nothing to worry about, and that we weren’t trying to get pregnant any time soon (truly, we weren’t).

Little did we know… I was already pregnant.

That next week I had some spotting and told Ken it was really unusual for me…

and that there was a possibility it could mean pregnancy.

Now, usually I’m the girl who would have a headache or a weird stomach ache and instantly think I was pregnant, head straight for the dollar store for those cheap pregnancy tests, and take three just to make sure.

This time was different.

It was like Ken and I both just knew, but honestly couldn’t believe it.

I decided this time to not take a test, and to just wait it out.

That weekend, I flew to Washington for one of my dearest friends’ bachelorette party.

We decided that I would take the test when I got back, and sort of wait to see what happened (i.e. if I started my period or not).

When I got home from my trip, I took a test, and it instantly showed up positive as I peed on the stick!

I came out and looked at Ken, “Well, we’re having a baby!”

But now what?

We were thrilled to be pregnant, but a part of us was so sad and burdened that just last week we were told the news we couldn’t foster if this happened.


Why did we still feel so strongly that now was the time?

Why were we not jumping at the opportunity to put the foster license on hold and focus on our biological baby?

Why did we both feel perplexed and confused?

We decided honesty was the best policy, and the next day we told our agency worker that I was pregnant. She was thrilled for us.

The weeks following were odd.

Ken and I just couldn’t take no for an answer when it came to us getting licensed and bringing in sweet babies to our home.

We knew we were supposed to do this, and that this was God’s timing… even though it looked impossible based on the many policies that our agency had set and had never budged on for anyone.

But you know what I’ve learned about policies, or when things look impossible?

They’re no match for what God wants to do and is doing on our behalf.

I will make the long story short, and just tell you that after talking with supervisors after supervisors and them meeting together… their ultimate response was a phone call that said,

“Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, we think you will be too good of parents to these kids to not license you.

We have decided to go ahead and license you to foster.”

We were licensed in the end of January.

I think if I had even a quarter for every time someone looked at us like we were crazy for doing so, or told us we were crazy for fostering and having a biological baby… we’d be like, super rich.

So many people told us how it would be way too hard to be pregnant and foster, and how I just need to “enjoy my first pregnancy”.

Well. I am.

I’m enjoying pregnancy, it’s been a breeze so far, which I’m thankful for… but I’m also really enjoying being a mommy to our sweet girl we received February 8th.

At just 2 days old and a whopping 4 lbs 11 oz.. we received our first little angel baby and honestly we couldn’t be more obsessed with her.

She is now 4 and a half months old, and we are just a couple of days away from the due date of our precious little girl (she’s due on Father’s Day!).

People ask me if I’m tired all the time.

I’m not.

I’ve woken up with our sweet angel every night, multiple times a night, for the past four months, but every day I feel like I got a full night’s rest.

I actually have had a lot of energy, and haven’t felt pregnant at all other than my belly growing and my clothes not fitting.

In fact, our sweet girl loves to sit on my bump and snuggle into me.

(photo by Lauren Beglin Photography)

I can’t explain why.

It doesn’t make sense in the natural, but I know it’s because God continues to breathe on our little family and allow us to live in a space of peace and rest for this season He has lead us into.

What I can tell you is that this has been the most rewarding thing we both have ever done in our entire lives.

When you follow what God is asking of you, even when the whole world thinks you’re absolutely crazy for doing so… you will see just how much God takes care of you, how He provides for you, and how He is always faithful to go above and beyond to meet your every need and diminish your every fear or concern.

He’s that good.