naudia marie

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I am absolutely overwhelmed with how good God is to allow us to adopt our sweet girl,

Naudia Marie.

She is a gift.

Her story is full of God’s protection, provision, and purpose.

A couple of years ago, when Ken and I were newly married, I felt like the Lord gave me a picture of me, in a kitchen, with a bunch of little kids running around at my feet. The kids in this picture didn’t look like me or one another. I distinctly remember Him telling me,

“I have called you to be a mommy to kids who have no mommy.” 

I instantly wrote it down in the journal I had at the time.

When I look back in that journal and see those words, I get tears in my eyes when I think about how that’s now my reality, and it’s only the beginning.

When we first received our sweet Naudia, she was a whopping 4lbs 11oz with a head FULL of hair.


Literally the smallest little baby I’ve EVER held.

She came in clothes that were way too big for her, which were put on her by a DCS (formerly CPS) worker, and even the smallest premie jammies I had were loose on her little body.

She came with a bag from the hospital which carried a small white shirt, a few documents from the hospital, a couple hospital blankets, and a document that the state provides for us to know her case number and a number for us to give anytime we took her to the doctor.

This is foster care in a nutshell.

A tiny, premature baby girl just showed up on our door step with next to nothing and a case number.

*cue my tears as I continue to try and type this out*

On that government document that we received, her name was printed.


I love the meaning of names, so naturally, I looked up the meaning.

Nadia: hope.

I felt the Lord whisper.. there IS hope for this little girl. You are fostering that hope.

Now, I’m not sure if you noticed, but that’s not how we spell her name.

It wasn’t until about a month later, that I found a document that I never even noticed before.

I was so enchanted with every item that came with her; I had no idea how I had missed it before.

It was her hearing test.

Her birth mom actually gave her a first and middle name, but I never saw it until I came upon her hearing test.

I feel like I need to interject, and make something VERY clear.

To be honest, I am fiercely defensive of her birth momma. I champion her, my heart breaks for her, and I have had moments in this journey were I’ve literally been on my knees weeping out loud for her. Needless to say, I love that woman with my whole heart— after all, she birthed one of the most amazing humans on the face of this earth, our daughter. Naudia has met her birth mom one time when she was 5 months old, but that’s a beautiful story for another time.

As I was saying, on her hearing test, her full name was spelled out.

Naudia Marie.

I looked it up, curious to see if it meant anything different, assuming it didn’t.

I found this meaning–

Naudia: Recieved the call of God.

Marie: Wished-for child.

It was about a month after this, I was brought to tears when the Lord softly reminded me of what He had spoken years ago.

He whispered clear as day,

“Katie, the name of Naudia’s name is not for her necessarily, but it’s actually for you.

In receiving Naudia, you have recieved My call— to be a mommy to kids who have no mommy— and this is just the beginning.”

I wept.

You see, out of the almost 20,000 children in Arizona, God knew Naudia was for us.

The very meaning of her name whispered the fullfilment of His call, of His promise.

 When we met Naudia for the first time on February 8, 2017, we fell in love.

We knew our hearts could be completely broken and shattered, but we chose to love her as deep and wide as humanly possible.

Fast forward to June 13, 2018, and she’s officially a Roberts.

Naudia Marie Roberts.